How many times do you take a photo, throw a rapid glance at the result and then never look at it again?

This is a typical behaviour for many of us and there is nothing wrong with it. However, one could wonder if there exist some other ways to reinforce your experience when it comes to capturing moments of life and how to amplify the emotions one image can emit once developed?

To tackle these questions engineer and artist Jon Link started his reflexion with the early days of the disposable camera. A very popular 90s object which helped millions of people to capture numerous fragments of electromagnetic waves during holidays, weddings, everyday life and so one. The poor quality of the viewfinder preventing the user to stare at the scene through the device for too long kept the photographer clueless about the outcome of the final image.

Often many months elapsed before the roll was eventually developed. This undetermined period of time separating you from the shot was propitious to let you forget totally about what had been shot.

Once the developed pictures in hands, people used to get very excited. Will some pictures be blurred, badly frame, too dark? Apart from the technical issues (being parts of that excitement, though) there was a more important component: a truly connection with the past. People often rediscovered important, crazy, unexpected, weird moments of their life. As they forgot about their shots the reveal was felt with more excitement. At that unique instant, pictures provide lots of strong and intense vibes.

As you understood SOUVENIRS wants to help you retrieving those lost feelings when it comes to developing pictures.

Press Kit

The press kit contains the following things:

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Where are store the pictures I took?
Everything is kept locally in your iPhone and back up when connecting with iTunes.

What if I really want to see a picture right now?
You can pay 0.99$ to develop a souvenir immediately. It will be chosen in a random manner.

Can I take landscape picture/video?

How can I take selfie more easily?
You can press the volume button to take a picture.

Can I use the flash?


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