transform your mailbox into a shareable deposit box simply by replacing its lock!

say bye to physical keys: to open your mailbox simply push on Aimo's main button

a bluetooth low energy connection automagically authenticates you through your mobile phone

no need to take your phone out of your pocket/bag

send virtual keys to your entourage and start the sharing!

this awesome project is the fruit of a multidisciplinary team including a mechanical EPFL engineer, a microtechnical EPFL enginner, a media and interaction designer and an industrial designer, both from ECAL, a business woman from HEC Lausanne and me as a software engineer.

we prototyped and pitched several times our project in Hong-Kong and Shenzhen during summer 2016

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name date tech swift bluetooth low energy arduino UI/UX iot
AIMO 2016
team Lara Defayes (ECAL), Jean-Baptiste Bruyère (ECAL), Sara Baracchini (HEC),Sorina Lupu (EPFL), Alexis Duburcq (EPFL), Jonathan Link (EPFL)